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Session Impressions: Dominion: Dark Ages


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Description: Myriad Games Presentations feature a wide variety of unplugged fun for everyone! Bring your friends and family together around the table through the power of games.

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Session Impressions: Dominion: Dark Ages

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Welcome to another dark episode of Session Impressions™, a Myriad Games Presentation™.

In this episode, Dan, Hoju, Jeff, John-Michael, and Sara discuss Dominion: Dark Ages, designed by Donald X. Vaccarino, published by Rio Grande Games.

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Thanks for listening and have fun playing!

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Guest Book

From: Erik – July 15,2010 at 2:51 pm

I love your guys' podcast. I'm not a "hardcore" gamer, so I don't really care about industry news or anything else other than just a straight-up review of a game. Your podcast is perfect for me because you guys just focus on 1 game at a time, and you jump right in with the only things I'm looking for: what's it about, how does it play, and what did you guys think? You don't have longwinded intros, and your commentary always hits just the right mix of insightful and witty. Keep up the kickass work, you guys; props from Canada!

From: Dan – August 11,2010 at 7:43 pm

Thanks for the kind words, Erik. We'll look forward to returning with more great content for you going forward!