Lone Shark Live

Origins by Night 2014: day 1


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Lone Shark Live

James Ernest, Mike Selinker, Don Dehm, Paul Peterson


Description: James and Mike match wits with the movers and shakers of the game industry and come up short.

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Origins by Night 2014: day 1

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James Ernest, Mike Selinker, Paul Peterson and Don Dehm cast 'live-like' from the Big Bar on 2 at the Origins Game Fair for Lone Shark Games.

We would also like to thank the crew at WCBE-FM, Central Ohio's best NPR Station: Dan Mushalko, Tristan DeMaria, Talcott Starr, Valerie Starr.

Tonight's guests include:

Rodney Thompson

Mike Mearls

Robert Gifford

Andrew Hackard

Ray Wehrs

Aaron Rosenberg

Tina Walters

Boyan Radakovich

Stephen Hood

Keith Blume

Sean Brown