Lone Shark Live

Origins by Night 2012: day 2


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Lone Shark Live

James Ernest, Mike Selinker, Don Dehm, Paul Peterson


Description: James and Mike match wits with the movers and shakers of the game industry and come up short.

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Origins by Night 2012: day 2

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James Ernest and Mike Selinker of Lone Shark Games cast 'live-like' from the Big Bar on 2 at the Origins Game Fair with the help of Paul Peterson and Don Dehm.


Guests include:


Lou Zocchi of GameScience

Cam Banks of Margaret Weis Productions

Amanda Valentine of Evil Hat Productions

Lisa Steenson of Gut Bustin' Games

Boyan 'Bo' Radakovich of Geek & Sundry

Matthew Grau of Wild Fire

Robert Gifford of Geek Chic

Larry Roznai and Robert Carty Jr. of Mayfair Games

Jeff Siadek and Neal Sofge of Gorilla Games

Barb and Ray Van Tilburg of Offworld Designs