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PGIT 068: Leah Osterhaus of Out of the Box Publishing


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Tucson, Arizona

Description: Listen to the table-top gaming industry's leading professionals share themselves and talk about the business behind the scenes.

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PGIT 068: Leah Osterhaus of Out of the Box Publishing

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Derek visits with Leah Osterhaus of Out of the Box Publishing, touching on a number of great titles and learning a little more about the founding and growth of the company.

Leah Osterhaus began working with Out of the Box Publishing 11 years ago test playing games and demoing at trade shows. Since then she earned her Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Marketing from the University of Wisconsin- Madison and worked for several years as an inventory specialist at Target Corporation. Several years ago, Out of the Box offered Leah an ownership position in the company as Vice President of Sales. She now works as the Vice President of Marketing and International Sales. Leah Osterhaus


From: tomg – September 16,2009 at 8:28 pm

This was a nice interview. Leah's enthusiasm for the company came through well. It was interesting hearing about how her family is involved with the company. Several of the games mentioned sound like winners to me. Chain Game will be a lot of fun. I can see our youth group digging this one. 789 is one that will work well for us. My two younger kids can actually play this during school (we homeschool). Lastly Word On The Street is another that seems like would work well for the family and our friends. Thanks for the episode.