Gen Con Seminars

2009 08: The Future of Publications


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Gen Con Seminars

Gaming Media

Indianapolis, IN

Description: In today's world, gamers can take it upon themselves to publish and promote. The Gamer Media track at Gen Con 2008 is chalked full of podcasters, bloggers, and print media guests.

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2009 08: The Future of Publications

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John Kaufeld talks about how to write your book in a year or less, when you should ignore well meaning friends and family, and how to make it past the dreaded Chapter 18.  A must listen for anyone dreaming of creative self employment.


From: Itamar Weisberg – March 25,2010 at 6:17 am

brilliant presentation, although I'm not sure how applicable it all is.

From: Don – April 12,2010 at 10:29 pm

Its a brilliant presentation. John was kind enough to step in as a last minute substitution to talk about print - still a very important part of today's media.