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Episode 351 – classifying GMs


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Fear The Boot

Fear the Boot

St. Louis, Missouri

Description: Fear the Boot is an irreverent, roundtable discussion of tabletop roleplaying games. In this weekly show we debate game-related issues, offer advice for improving your game, and poke fun at the hobby

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Episode 351 – classifying GMs

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Fair warning: There are a lot of strange things going on in this episode.  It was recorded during a thunderstorm.  I was losing my voice (and completely lost it thereafter, so Karla had to do the intro).  And some of the jokes get rather off-color.

* (0:29) Dan’s Enterovirus, Brodeur’s Herpes, and…yeah…this doesn’t end up anywhere good.

* (10:02) The scalemail dice bag Dan got.  You can find a picture of it here and Silverscales Art Studio here.

* (12:25) The existence of so many descriptors, tests, and charts for types of players while so little effort has been spent trying to describe the types of GMs.

* (18:32) GM creation versus player input.

* (19:13) Rules versus story.

* (20:56) Adversarial versus enabling.

* (22:19) Obstructionist GMing.

* (23:45) The overly-clever GM.

* (24:51) We get Brodeur’s live reaction to seeing a picture of Shel Silverstein.

* (28:14) GMs that try to create emotional buy-in by just pushing people’s buttons.  The Joker on society’s tenuous morality.

* (38:04) Dan and Wayne try to classify their GMing styles.

* (42:00) Brodeur’s model for a matching service for players and GMs.

Hosts: Brodeur, Dan, Wayne

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