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Episode 381 – FIWAGs


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Fear The Boot

Fear the Boot

St. Louis, Missouri

Description: Fear the Boot is an irreverent, roundtable discussion of tabletop roleplaying games. In this weekly show we debate game-related issues, offer advice for improving your game, and poke fun at the hobby

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Episode 381 – FIWAGs

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* (0:39) Welcoming Dr. Bob Arens to the show.

* (0:58) DruCon: the fan convention on June 3rd and 4th of 2016. You can find the Facebook group here and back the funding campaign here.

* (3:20) The episode we did with Bob about artificial intelligence in game. The Time Cube website (FAIR WARNING: very strong language).

* (7:45) John is wrong about John on Reddit.

* (10:10) Introducing FIWAGs and setting some boundaries on the discussion.

* (11:23) Players that grind their weed at the table.

* (12:53) Players and GMs that have shameless enthusiasm.

* (14:00) The diggers: people that latch onto cues and look for more in your game.

* (16:02) Alpha gamers.

* (16:38) Drink and snack bringers.

* (18:09) The group cop.

* (19:55) Players that challenge us as GMs.

* (20:33) The group librarian.

* (25:35) People that keep the game going between sessions.

* (28:14) Players that are open to a variety of campaign parameters.

* (31:22) GMs that clearly put effort into preparing their games.

* (37:23) The group artist. Nihilisa Frank and Nihilist Arby’s.

Hosts: Bob, Brodeur, Dan, John, Julia

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Episode 380 – killin’

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* (0:29) We don't win 'em all.

* (1:07) Character pictures and why Wayne hates them. People that benefit from a visual element in the game. The concept art for the Star League throne. The legend of the collapsible cup.

* (12:16) The over-sexualization of female imagery...

Bonus Episode 62 – $20 is $20

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* (0:28) Chad vs Pat's phone.

* (5:34) Brodeur hates train games.

* (11:09) Dan's gaming whale gets a certificate of authenticity.

* (15:00) Fortune-telling with gnoll coins.

* (16:34) There's no shame in a job.

* (19:46) Brodeur grows up poor.

* (34:15) Who did and didn't get TPed...

Episode 379 – FIHAGs

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* (0:29) Chris is still doing the giveaways on Twitter and Facebook.

* (0:47) Wayne gets his first exposure to play-by-post games. You can find the Fear the Boot forum section for them here.

* (11:18) Jobbies, Research in Motion, and FIHAGs...

Interview 36 – Inkwell Ideas

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* (0:32) Chris is doing the video game giveaways on Twitter.

* (1:42) Welcoming Joe Wetzel and Keith Curtis. Dan gets a contest entry from a spam bot...?

* (7:00) An overview of  Inkwell Ideas.

* (11:46) Using outside products to help with game prep and those moments when the GM is caught flatfoote...

Episode 378 – great expectations

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* (0:39) Brodeur becomes a host.

* (1:07) Follow Fear the Boot on Twitter for Chris' upcoming giveaway of PC and XBOX 360 games.

* (3:10) Dan gets a bunch of Battletech dice that he'll be giving away soon.

* (4:04) D&D 5th edition and Dan's inability to name an episode right...

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