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Episode 346 – save or suck


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Fear The Boot

Fear the Boot

St. Louis, Missouri

Description: Fear the Boot is an irreverent, roundtable discussion of tabletop roleplaying games. In this weekly show we debate game-related issues, offer advice for improving your game, and poke fun at the hobby

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Episode 346 – save or suck

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When a Game Master repeatedly uses a character’s weaknesses to reduce them to uselessness.  We discuss whether it’s a fair tactic or just a quick way to wreck that player’s fun.

* (1:10) Congratulating Julia on getting married.

* (2:48) A reminder about Fear the Boot’s Twitch channel.

* (4:20) Save or suck: when failing a roll takes away your control of the character (e.g. sleep spells).  Other situations when a character can be reduced to irrelevance.

* (16:23) The critical differences between being ineffective and being incapacitated.

* (21:39) Ironically, John gets robbed of his contribution to the episode by a crashed internet connection.

* (22:32) The double-standard when players lock down the GM’s NPCs.

* (30:44) How much of this comes from being unable to read the players.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, John, Wayne

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Episode 345 – free association

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* (0:59) "Shnotes" and other words that annoy us.

* (3:42) Chad introduces us to Rory's Story Cubes (http://www.storycubes.com/), and we try some RP experiments with them.  We discuss the value of random words and images in helping to break creative block or get out of ruts...

Episode 344 – realizing you were wrong

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In this episode we discuss handling a game after realizing you were wrong about an important rule or bit of setting, and correcting that mistake will alter the course of the game.

* (0:29) TsunamiCon (http://www.tsunamicon.org/) in Wichita, KS on November 7th - 9th...

Episode 343 – Backseat GMing

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In this episode we talk about players that overstep their bounds, going beyond helping the GM to apparently trying to help run the game.  We talk about why this might happen and ways to address it.

* (0:29) Some thanks to the other podcasts at Fear the Con!...

Bonus Episode 56 – Chris gets caught

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In this episode, we talk about Chris' trip home from the con and the misadventures he has with a cop on a fishing expedition and a gas station attendant telling rather implausible war stories.

* (0:23) Please leave reviews for Sojourn on Barnes & Noble (http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/sojourn-lau...

Episode 342 – Skye’s the limit

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* (0:29) Reign of the Descended (http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/130648/Mecha-Reign-of-the-Descendents) for the Mecha RPG (free quickstart (http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/79879/MECHA--Quickstart), full version (http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/82258/Chris-Perrins-Mecha))...

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