Family Night

PGFN 035: Modern Mechanics


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Family Night

The Pulp Gamer Crew

Sierra Vista, Arizona

Description: Bring your family together with some hidden gems of entertainment, and learn more about the value good games bring into your life.

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PGFN 035: Modern Mechanics

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Board games have evolved and are much different now than the board games we grew up with.  You will  be surprised at how much fun the entire family will have; kids and adults.  Today we share a little bit of that evolution and how games have become even better.

I also made mention of a recent presentation by Liz Danforth and Don Dehm for the Arizona Library Association called Beyond Rock Band and Monopoly.  We also share a great related video by Scott Nicholson of Board Games with Scott entitled Breaking Up the Monopoly.  Even the title is clever.

Today’s games include Wacky Wacky West and Zenith.  Enjoy the show!



From: Arek – December 20,2010 at 1:45 am

Great podcast. Might even say, its my favoutite. Thanks for great work I enjoy it very much. I already bought 3 games based on your recommendation.